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Newark, Delaware

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"I feel like I won the lottery...."

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Your Workout Options

USMR is authorized by your lender to craft a custom repayment solution that works for you.

Discounted payoff - Did you know that you can pay off your loan at a significant discount to the total owed? This is a life-changing solution for borrowers who have access to a lump sum of cash from friends, family or wherever it can be found, including hardship withdrawals from retirement accounts.

Payment Plan - For borrowers who are back on their feet and able to fulfill their financial obligations, we’ll find a payment structure to work toward a full reinstatement of your account.

Principal/Interest Rate Reduction - Is your monthly payment too high? Let’s reduce your principal and interest rate so that your loan payments fit your new financial reality.

No-Fee Loan Modification - We are your servicer, so we never charge an upfront fee. We can look at permanently adjusting all the terms of your loan to get you back on track toward financial success. We have creative ways to “right-size” your loan terms. What can we do for you?

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