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Email us anytime » what we believe is an opportunity to help thousands of troubled homeowners save millions of dollars in mortgage payments and regain millions of dollars of equity in their homes, while they rebuild their financial lives. We have created an opportunity for like-minded investors to do all of the above…profitably, and secured by real estate.

Investment opportunities with US Mortgage Resolution are characterized by:

Secured Rates of Return
Real estate notes offer returns that are secured by hard assets.
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Humanitarian Approach
Help neighbors in need.
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No Tenants, Toilets or Trash!
Real estate investing without the liabilities associated with owning property.
The benefits of being a “Lienlord” are obvious

Who Are We?

US Mortgage Resolution LLC is a private mortgage investment management company specializing in acquiring, managing and working out defaulted residential mortgages while providing significant benefits to banks and American homeowners with financial difficulties.

US Mortgage Resolution takes a humanitarian approach to working with its distressed borrowers. Our Workout Specialists can be very flexible and creative in arriving at a win-win solution with homeowners. Because of its specialized nature, USMR gets to know the homeowner’s situation in detail and jointly crafts a solution that works for everyone.

US Mortgage Resolution helps homeowners who are frustrated with challenging modification requirements and overly bureaucratic programs. We bring efficiency, compassion and patriotic endeavors to distressed markets in a profitable and socially responsible way.

THIS MATERIAL DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN OFFER TO SELL OR THE SOLICITATION OF AN OFFER TO BUY A SECURITY INTEREST, NOR DOES THIS MATERIAL CONSTITUTE AN OFFER OR SOLICITATION IN ANY JURISDICTION WHERE OR TO ANY PERSON TO WHOM IT WOULD BE UNAUTHORIZED OR UNLAWFUL TO DO SO. AN OFFERING OF SECURITIES WILL ONLY BE MADE BY A PRIVATE PLACEMENT MEMORANDUM. Past performance is not indicative of future results, which may vary. The value of investments and the income derived from investments can go down as well as up. Future returns are not guaranteed, and a loss of principal may occur. Opinions expressed are current opinions as of the date appearing in this material only. The portfolio risk management process includes an effort to monitor and manage risk, but does not imply low risk. Copyright © 2013 US Mortgage Resolution LLC, All Rights Reserved.