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Image Name: Lisa


Newark, Delaware

Status: In Default



"I feel like I won the lottery...."

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Featured Borrower

"I feel like I won the lottery!" -- Lisa, Newark, Delaware

Charles and Lisa were in trouble. Their income was low and their debts were high. They couldn't keep up and kept falling further and further behind.

Just when they thought they might lose their home, they were contacted by US Mortgage Resolution, their second mortgage servicer. They didn't respond at first because they were sure they were beyond help.

Finally, Lisa decided it was worth a shot. "What's the worst that could happen?" she thought.

She was glad she did!

The US Mortgage Resolution Workout Specialist LISTENED to Lisa and her concerns regarding their current financial situation. "We're much worse off than when we originally took out the loan," she explained.

Much to her surprise, Lisa and her Workout Specialist determined that she could come up with a large enough lump sum of cash to settle the note IN FULL at a substantial discount to the total owed.

Charles, Lisa and their family made a drastic improvement in their lives by saving over $70,000 in principal, not to mention the interest that would have been paid on the balance over time. What a life changer!

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