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Image Name: Lisa


Newark, Delaware

Status: In Default



"I feel like I won the lottery...."

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Who Are We?

 US Mortgage Resolution LLC (USMR) is a private mortgage investment management company specializing in acquiring, managing and working out defaulted residential mortgages while providing significant benefits to banks and American homeowners with financial difficulties.

US Mortgage Resolution takes a humanitarian approach to working with its distressed borrowers. Our Workout Specialists can be very flexible and creative in arriving at a win-win solution with homeowners. Because of its specialized nature, USMR gets to know the homeowner’s situation in detail and jointly crafts a solution that works for everyone.

US Mortgage Resolution helps homeowners who are frustrated with challenging modification requirements and overly bureaucratic programs get on a path to a more secure financial future. We bring efficiency, compassion and patriotic endeavors to distressed markets in a profitable and socially responsible way.


USMR is a DBA Certified Professional Receivables Company

certification number: C1602-1071